At VergeNYC we are fascinated with big questions and bold topics. We discuss, analyze, speculate about and seek to act upon some of the most complex challenges of today. Stay tuned for updates about the next edition of VergeNYC 2017.


Video by Leo Bancou

What is Verge?

VergeNYC is a 2.5-day design event organized by students at Parsons School of Design (School of Design Strategies), along with design and community partners. We bring together leading thinkers, field experts and change makers to galvanize a movement
towards Transdisciplinary Design

We'll announce the upcoming 2017 theme soon.



The VergeNYC format is designed to create unique professional, intellectual, and networking experiences for all participants. The conference is split into three parts.

In the mornings, we will have a series of talks and workshops delivered by professionals, experts and thought-leaders. They will focus on the conference theme  in different contexts. 

We are running six different conversations around the conference theme. With 15 participants in each group, the conversations will involve a mix of students, industry professionals and academics. They are designed as intimate discussions and workshops. To take part, you must be able to commit to two full afternoons. You can nominate yourself, or someone you think would be a good fit for a particular conversation topic.

We know that one of the best parts of attending an event is meeting new people. On the evenings of our event, we are hosting mixers to provide the opportunity and space for people to socialize and connect with one another. 


In several workshops, held at the Transdisciplinary Design Studio at Parsons on 16th Street in Midtown Manhattan, we develop the content of our conference. We are happy that amongst our participants we have students from our program, our 2016 advisors, and various special guests, who all come in to contribute to this special event.

Pictures by Mashal Khan



Our Advisors

Our Advisory Board members of VergeNYC 2016 have been some of our biggest collaborators and supporters for putting together this event.



Big thank-yous to our generous sponsors. If you think this conference is up your alley, come and get involved as a partner or sponsor for 2017!  Reach out to vergenyc@gmail.com to see our partnership kit.



transdisciplinary design

The scale and impact of social, environmental and economical issues we are faced with today are too vast to be owned by one, single discipline. Both our present and future demand a mindset shift towards radical collaboration between different fields, approaches and people. Design plays a key role in facilitating these exchanges.

At VergeNYC, you’ll find us mixing and matching. Combining voices from the public and private sector, featuring people from different backgrounds, including but definitely not limited to, design, urban planning, sustainability, music and performing arts, business and social innovation. Our goal is to create a space for transdisciplinary collaboration, because we wholeheartedly believe that this leads us towards a future that’s greater - much greater, than the sum of its parts.