February 22 - 24

VergeNYC is a 2.5-day design event organized by students at Parsons School of Design, along with design and community partners. We bring together leading thinkers, field experts and change-makers to galvanize a movement towards Transdisciplinary Design. 



The evolution of the human condition can be defined as a slow revealing of the invisible. From the makeup of our cells to the bias in our social systems, humanity evolves step by step when we reveal what was once hidden. How might we continue to reveal intangible aspects of society and human behaviors? How can we restore visibility to the unseen, unheard communities disenfranchised/displaced by power and politics? In the face of unprecedented social issues emerging from the ongoing refugee crisis how do we highlight contradictions of different inclusion strategies? What aspects are better left invisible?

At VergeNYC 2017, we highlight Invisibility as an opportunity for new strategies to impact our societies. We can use design and transdisciplinary collaboration as acts of seeing, revealing, and creating new perceptions which investigate invisibility.

In the mornings, we will have a series of talks and workshops delivered by professionals, experts and thought-leaders.
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In the afternoons, the conversation groups around INVISIBILITY are the core of the conference –  a small mix of students, professionals and academics. 
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On the evenings, we'll provide the opportunity to socialize and connect. One of the best parts of any event is meeting new people!


Pictures by Mashal Khan


2017 Special Roles

At VergeNYC 2017, you will see many busy bees moving around from place to place, observing, analyzing, interacting, and performing. Don't hesitate to say hi to any of our splendid Special Roles.


If you share our vision and want to become part of our movement,
reach out to Lauren


Our Advisors

Welcome our Advisory Board members for VergeNYC 2017. They are becoming the biggest collaborators and supporters for putting together the event.


transdisciplinary design

The scale and impact of social, environmental and economical issues we are faced with today demand a mindset shift towards radical collaboration between different fields, approaches and people. Transdisciplinary Design plays a key role in facilitating these exchanges.

At VergeNYC, you’ll find us mixing and matching. Combining voices from the public and private sector, including but definitely not limited to, design, urban planning, sustainability, business and social innovation. Our goal is to create a space for transdisciplinary collaboration. We believe that this leads us towards a collective impact that’s much greater, than the sum of its parts.



Team Verge represents the essence of Transdisciplinary Design. Our team includes members from different cultures, design backgrounds, and professions who are all passionate about reshaping the field of design.